I have included a number of recipes that we as a family use.  They are all family friendly and they are all dairy and soya free.  Some are very simple adaptations of well known recipes and others are recipes that we’ve created ourselves in order to add some variety to our diet. 
In a number of the recipes I have detailed the allergy free version and then suggested alternative additions for later in the cooking process for anyone in the family not following the same diet.  
Throughout the recipes where milk is required I have used oat milk.  I am sure that other dairy and soya free milk (and soya milk for those only following a dairy free diet) would be suitable - however the most common alternative to dairy and soya; rice milk; is not recommended until after age 4 and a half.  Also goat's milk, sheep's milk and buffalo milk are NOT recommended for infants and children.
Please note: I cannot say that all variations of all ingredients used are dairy and soya free (e.g. some pork sausages do contain milk/soya, others don’t) therefore please check anything that you buy before using it.   

Please feel free to print these recipes (use the print page option at the bottom of the page), however contact me before republishing or reproducing them.
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