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Coq Au Vin

This is a yummy recipe that both our children love, it is also much quicker to make than the original version!  

1 onion chopped
3 Chicken Breasts 
4 Slices bacon
200g mushrooms
3/4 pint chicken stock
150ml red wine
1tsp dried thyme
2 tsp worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper to season
1) Dry-fry chicken and bacon for 3 minutes (keep stirring).
2) Add mushrooms and onions with a couple of tablespoons of stock.  Cook on a high heat for 2 minutes then reduce the heat and pour in the remaining stock and wine.
3) Stir in the worcestershire sauce, thyme and a little seasoning.
4) Cover and simmer for 15 minutes - then serve with required accompaniment.