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Yorkshire Puddings

Image coming soon
Image coming soon.This is a dairy and soya free version of a classic side for your Sunday roast - it also means that you can make toad in the hole.  The surprising thing for me was how nice these were, considering they weren't using the 'normal' ingredients.

100g plain flour
1 egg beaten
1/2 pint of oat milk
A pinch of salt
1) Mix the flour and salt together in a mixing bowl.
2) Make a well in the flour and add the egg.
3) Mix in the flour making adding a little milk until all flour is mixed in.  Then add the remaining milk.
4) Beat the mixture until it is smooth.
5) Put a knob of lard in each of the individual pudding tins and place in a very hot oven for 2/3 minutes until melted.
6) Add approx 2 tbsp mixture to each tin and cook on the hottest heat for approx 15 minutes (although ovens do vary so check carefully) until they have risen and browned.