When Shrove Tuesday came around we were unsure what to do for our 2 year old - as he does like eating the same as us - so we decided to try to make dairy and soya free pancakes.  We didn't really expect them to work, so made the usual ones as well, however they worked fine and we would all have been happy to eat them!
100g Plain flour
1 egg (beaten)
1/2 pint oat milk
A pinch salt
Toppings of your choice:
Lemon Juice
Golden Syrup
Put the flour and salt in a bowl, add the egg to a well in the middle.
Add some milk and stir gently, adding more milk slowly.  Once all of the milk has been added and all of the flour is stirred in then beat the mixture throughly.
Ensure that you add lots of air into the mixture at this time. 
Heat oil in the frying pan then add a couple of tablespoons of tha better.  Tip the frying pan to spread the mixture around.  Fry until the underside is brown and then turn the pancake to cook the other side. 
Serve immediately.