Sausage Rolls

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We love homemade sausage rolls in our house and they are surprisingly easy to make!

225g Puff Pastry (dairy and soya free)
225g Sausage meat or skinless sausages
Beaten milk to glaze
1) Heat oven to 230 degrees, grease a baking tray
2) Divide the pastry in 2 and roll each half into a strip about 3 inches wide.
3) Roll the sausage meat with your hands into a long sausage as long as the pastry strip.
4) Roll up the meat inside the pastry, brush egg onto the edges to seal well.
5) Brush egg along the whole strip, cut into lengths (remember this will puff up so consider the size you want them to be).  Make sure you makes cuts on the top of each.
6) Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.