Shortcrust Pastry

A number of people are unsure of making pastry, but it is actually very easy - so long as you're happy to get your hands dirty!

225g Plain Flour
Pinch Salt
50g Lard
50g Dairy and Soya free Margarine
Cold water to mix (approx 2 tbsp)
1) Mix flour and salt in a bowl
2) Rub in the lard and margarine - use the tips of your fingers for this and rub into all of the flour until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs.
3) Using a knife to cut and stir, mix in  a little cold water to form a stiff dough (use your hands if necessary but try to keep the pastry from getting too warm).
4) Turn the dough onto a floured surface and kneed lightly.
5) Roll out and use as required.