Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people do your recipes serve?
A: All recipes serve 4 people, however if you find that you do not have enough or have too much then vary the meat quantity and adjust how much pasta/rice/potato you are cooking.
Q: How much rice do you recommend per person?
A: We always use 1/2 mug of rice per adult and 1 mug of water for the same.  Then once all of the water has boiled away the rice will be cooked nicely.  However, if using Basmati rice then you will need to add a little more water.
Q: What is suitable margarine?
A: Any dairy and soya free margarine can be used as a substitute to butter and ordinary margarine.  Examples are PURE Sunflower margarine and supermarket own-brand dairy and soya free margarine.
Q: Why have you used oat milk rather than rice milk?
A: Rice milk is not recommended for children under 4 and a 1/2 and as my child with the dairy and soya allergy is only 2, oat milk is what the dietician has recommended for him.  This means that I have no experience of rice milk - but feel free to try it if it is the milk that you use.
Q: Why haven't you included garlic in any of these recipies?
A: My son is also allergic to garlic and therefore we no longer cook with it.  Please feel free to include it if you wish.
Q: What do you do about bread?
A: We actually make our own bread which uses oil instead of butter and just happened to be dairy and soya free.  It's hard to find dairy and soya free bread - try french-style bread; ciabatta; pitta bread; naan bread and crumpets.  In terms of more conventional bread speak to your local shop/supermarket to establish which are suitable.  Do not choose unwrapped products though as these could be contaminated by soya.
Q: Why don't you have many vegetarian recipies on here?
A: As there is nobody in our immediate family who is vegetarian I have not come across many vegetarian recipies, however feel free to email any vegetarian dairy and soya free recipes to me and I'll upload them (it would be great if you could include a photo).

Q: Can I use these recipes?
A: Feel free to use them for your own personal use, however please contact me if you want to republish or reproduce them in a wider context.

Q: How do I print these out?
A: Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the print page option.  Then ensure you are connected to a printer and press print.