Welcome to my dairy and soya free recipes site, all recipes are family friendly and easy to make.  

My aim is to continually update this site with new recipes and ideas - if you want to be kept up to date with any changes, or have suggestions / comments of your own then please see the contact me page.  
Family Friendly Recipes
Dairy and Soya Free

I have set up this website to help people who have been recommended a dairy and soya free diet.  Our son is allergic to dairy and soya and we have found that there are very few recipes highlighted as being dairy AND soya free rather than just one or the other.  I have also not been able to find one place with a number of recipes in, so as we have adapted a number of recipes and created our own I thought I'd put them in one place to help others in the same situation.


I have included a number of recipes that we as a family use.  They are all family friendly and they are all dairy and soya free.  Some are very simple adaptations of well known recipes and others are recipes that we’ve created ourselves in order to add some variety to our diet. 


PLEASE NOTE: although it is possible to find all of the ingredients that I've used in these recipes dairy and soya free, it is your responsibility to check the ingredients when you buy products as some varieties may contain dairy/soya (for example sausages often contain milk and/or soya and you will need to carefully check the ones you've chosen, and although there is a soy free cheezly, not all of them are!).  Another surprising example is that some white wine varieties contain milk so do check everything!


All recipes serve 4 people, however we find this very easy to adjust by adding more or less of the main ingredients.


Please note these recipes are purely for information; I am not suggesting or recommending that anyone undertake a dairy and soya free diet without medical advice.

You are welcome to print and use these recipes for personal use, however please contact me before using them in a wider context.